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(Top row): Flavia Schenker, Andy Winter (drums), The Australian (piano)
(Seated): Jacqueline Trachsel, Joan, James Lewis (bass), Aretta "Lady DJ Juicy" Davis
New Year's Eve - Hotel Bellevue - Gstaad - 1994

Doug Duffey and Joan - Buren on The Arre - 1995

Stafford James (bass), Joan and Randy Weston (piano)
Willesau Jazz Festival - 1995

Joan's Oldest Friends in Europe
Rosalba & Hermes Diem, Claude Gassette & Lady, Freddy Levy and Joan
Chorus Cave du Jazz - Lausanne - December 1995

Claude gave me my first contract in November 1990 at the
Janus Club of the Beau Rivage Palace, Lausanne

Joan's Best European Friend
Isabella Romeo with Bruno
Club Janus - Lausanne - November 1990



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