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Copywrited 1999 Joan Cartwright

Where's the magic?
Where's the sunshine in my life?
Who's the dreamer
Who forgot to be in flight?

Each day I tell myself that life is not worth living any more
Then I find a place to hide myself behind a lonesome door

Where's the magic?
When will love come shining through?
What's the answer?
How do fantasies come true?

Everyone I meet is fighting just to keep a happy home
There's not anyone who's not afraid of dying all alone

Where's the magic?
Who's the dreamer?
Where's the magic?

(Musical interlude)

Where's the magic?
What's the mystery of life?
When will I know
How to spread my wings and fly?

Hasn't anyone discovered what the answers really are
Or are we supposed to stay here wishing on a distant star?

Where's the magic?
Who can open up the door?
So the sunlight
Can shine in forever more

I believe that we're created by a wondrous, loving force
And that all I AM is nurtured by this unrelenting source

There's the magic!
I'm the dreamer!
I'm the magic!
I'm the dreamer!
I'm the magic!
I'm the dreamer!
That's the magic!

(Music fades as the last lines are repeated.)

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